ARROW MASONRY RESTORATION is a small outfit located in Eastern Oregon that specializes in old masonry restoration and repair.  We perform work on both commercial and residential structures located  in eastern Oregon and Washington utilizing years and types of experiences that date back to around 1959.   
In addition to repairing and cleaning old masonry structures, we also do a wide range of services to maintain and protect our customers' existing masonry structures from future damaging water intrusions.

We also work with older materials such as glass block, glazed tile units, concrete masonry units, modular brick and all other out-dated, now-specialized materials.  Refurbishing adjoining windows and doors is a specialty of ours too.


                              When quality and professionalism are important, we will be there for you.

                                                  *  LADIES and GENTLEMEN, we ARE  professional brick restoration & repair specialists  *

Welcome to our brick restoration page

    From large commercial buildings to smaller residential structures, restoration of some kind will eventually be required in order to preserve the structural integrity, originality and beauty of these aging brick structures. 

    Whether it's tuckpointing, brick laying, glazed tile, glass block or setting stone, we can do it all with the utmost confindence that we are providing the highest quality service for you with satisfactory results.  We strive to provide our customers with the guidance and services they need.


Proper procedures for masonry restoration of older brick structures include a minimum of:
    1.  Cutting out and removing deteriorated mortar and damaged brick
    2.  Cleaning and tuckpointing with new, proper strength and/or color mortar
    3.  Application of waterproofing sealant to prevent future water intrusions.

                              A few examples of the 3-step process are pictured below:


Cutting out deteriorated mortar     
STEP 1:  Cutting out old, deteriorated mortar and removing damaged and/or loose brick

Tuckpointing      Tuckpointing
STEP 2:  Tuckpointing with new mortar insuring proper strength and color

Applying sealant
STEP 3:  Application of waterproofing sealant

Salem, Oregon

Masonry Restoration Foreman

Highland School      Highland School
Complete masonry restoration on historical Highland Elementary School in Salem, Oregon

Damaged door jamb      Repairing door jamb

Damaged door jamb rebuilt
Restoration and repair of damaged door jamb on Highland School in Salem, Oregon

BELOW:  Brick restoration in progress on Historical Highland Elementary School in Salem, Oregon


Cutting out deteriorated mortar


Restoration in progress      Restoration in progress

Masonry restoration in progress on historical Highland Elementary School in Salem, Oregon