ARROW MASONRY RESTORATION is a small outfit located in Eastern Oregon that specializes in old masonry restoration and repair.  We perform work on both commercial and residential structures located  in eastern Oregon and Washington utilizing years and types of experiences that date back to around 1959.   
In addition to repairing and cleaning old masonry structures, we also do a wide range of services to maintain and protect our customers' existing masonry structures from future damaging water intrusions.

We also work with older materials such as glass block, glazed tile units, concrete masonry units, modular brick and all other out-dated, now-specialized materials.  Refurbishing adjoining windows and doors is a specialty of ours too.


                              When quality and professionalism are important, we will be there for you.

                                                  *  LADIES and GENTLEMEN, we ARE  professional brick restoration & repair specialists  *

Welcome to our brick repair page

      Over the years we have been involved in completing a wide range of projects for various people; too many to include here, but from large complex projects to patio pavers, we are always committed to the task at hand; i.e., to insure a professional, low-cost, no-waste project. 

    Our experiences include working on brick skyscrapers, hi-rise living, commercial, educational, religious, residential structures and custom projects.  Regardless of the type of project, we remain dedicated to our customer's needs.  We perform repairs and installations in compliance with industry standards using only the most proven methods and materials of the highest quality.
    We strive to complete all of our projects in the safest, least disruptive and most cost-effective manner possible.  This standard of excellence that we achieve on all types of projects has enabled us to earn the trust and confidence of our customers.


    Brick repair of damages to historical structures, commercial buildings or residential projects are sometimes necessary.  We have the knowledge and expertise to repair any/all types of masonry. 

    Below are several examples of structural repairs we have done to masonry structures:


HISTORICAL LADOW BLOCK, C  1884 (Laatz Apartments)
Pendleton, Oregon
BELOW: The six pictures below show before/after of repair work done to a historial wall damaged from years of water intrusions.  The exposed, damaged area was properly repaired and sealed to prevent further damage.

Botton wall before restoration      Top wall before restoration


BELOW: Water from damaged roof scupper allowed water to drain into wall well instead of storm drain causing serious damage and water intrusion/drainage into basement



Serious damage caused from water bypassing broken roof scupper and downspouts


BELOW:  Pictures showing properly repaired roof scuppers, downspouts and damaged brick to divert water into local storm drain

Damage repair behind scupper and downspout      Damage repaired, sealant applied behind downspout      Roof scupper repaired and re-secured to wall

Bottom wall after restoration      Top wall after restoration


BELOW:  Brick repaired/replaced in water-damaged area, sealed with urethane masonry sealant and downspouts repaired and replaced
 to divert future water drainage into storm drain

Damaged brickwork repaired, sealant applied and water re-directed into storm drain through repaired downspouts


  Vines growing up the side of a brick wall strongly indicates moisture present inside walls due to deteriorating mortar joints caused from water intrusions. 

These vines were so imbedded in the brickwork, a truck was necessary to carefully separate vines from brick.

Vines indicate water is present inside joints and wall cavity      Vine growth removed using truck


BELOW:  Damaged brickwork behind in-grown vines exposed, brickwork repaired and prepared for tuckpointing with new mortar

Serious water damage concealed behind in-grown vines      Repaired brickwork prepared for tuckpointing and sealant

BELOW:  Tuckpointing was completed, new brickwork was sealed with masonry sealant and downspout repaired to divert
future water away from wall area.


Water damaged brickwork repaired, sealant applied and repaired downspout redirecting water away from wall area



BELOW: The two pictures below show before/after of damage and repair done to a historial wall
 after a vehicle backed over  the sidewalk, struck the wall and caused damage.

Damage caused by vehicle                    


Portland, Oregon


    The brickwork on the 33rd and 34th floors of Portland's Fountain Plaza Koin Center showed signs
 of serious deterioration when water intrusion through the mortar joints were examined and the deterioration discovered.
    The moisture intrusion was stopped by first recognizing the problem, dismantling the damaged
brickwork and rebuilding the damaged walls and inset walls with new brick and mortar.  

KOIN Tower3
36-story KOIN Center Tower

Dismantle damaged brick     Replace damaged brick 

  Rebuild with new brick     Job well done  
Water-damaged parapet wall dismantled, repaired, rebuilt and completed on Portland's KOIN Center

Dismantle damaged brick wall     Rebuild with new brick using stainless steel flashing

Rebuild new wall with stainless steel flashing     Job well done
Dismanteling and rebuilding south wall

Damaged inset before rebuild     Damaged inset before rebuild

Rebuilt inset     Rebuilt inset
Dismanteling and rebuilding inset walls


 Portland, Oregon

The two historical piers and corner pictured below were repaired due to being damaged by vehicles entering and leaving the parking lot.

STEP 1 - Remove damaged brick     STEP 2 - Replace damaged brick     STEP 3 - Rebuild finished
Damaged brick on Pier 1 replaced with matching brick on historical Broadcast Building in Portland, Oregon

        Pier 2 - Huge chunk of brick knocked out by car      Pier 2 - Damaged brick removed      
  Pier 2 - Bottom 6 courses repaired      Pier 2 - Brick repair completed
Damaged brick on Pier 2 removed and replaced with matching brick on historical
Broadcast Building in Portland, Oregon

Replacing damaged brick completed      Restoration of two piers and corner completed    
Piers  and corner on left before old mortar was removed by hand from back wall brick
Piers on right after mortar was removed and brickwork cleaned

Restoration of two piers and corner completed
Restoration completed on two piers and corner on historiical Broadcast Building
in Portland, Oregon

Matching brick removed from back wall
Matching brick was obtained by removing brick from back wall to insure old,
historical appearance of Broadcast Building in Portland, Oregon


Dayton, Oregon 

Before repairs     After repairs
Repaired front parapet and support


More pictures to be added

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