ARROW MASONRY RESTORATION is a small outfit located in Eastern Oregon that specializes in old masonry restoration and repair.  We perform work on both commercial and residential structures located  in eastern Oregon and Washington utilizing years and types of experiences that date back to around 1959.   
In addition to repairing and cleaning old masonry structures, we also do a wide range of services to maintain and protect our customers' existing masonry structures from future damaging water intrusions.

We also work with older materials such as glass block, glazed tile units, concrete masonry units, modular brick and all other out-dated, now-specialized materials.  Refurbishing adjoining windows and doors is a specialty of ours too.


                              When quality and professionalism are important, we will be there for you.

                                                  *  LADIES and GENTLEMEN, we ARE  professional brick restoration & repair specialists  *

Welcome to our photo library page

Just a small sample of our experiences with brick and stone

    Arrow Masonry Restoration has been a participant in completing a wide range of brick and stone projects for many years; including, but not limited to, skyscrapers to backyard patios.  If you can name it, we've probably have some experience in it.  We are always committed to our customers and the tasks at hand that rely on our experiences. 

    Regardless of the type of project, we are dedicated professionals who perform masonry tasks with only the most proven methods and materials of the highest quality.  

   All projects are completed in the safest, least disruptive and most cost-effective manner possible.  This standard of excellence that we achieve on our projects has enabled us to earn the appreciation and respect of our clients. 
    Examples of our versatility in masonry construction are shown below:



Sears Tower 1966    Kerr-McGee 1968       KOIN Tower 2001
Sears Tower                                                           Kerr-McGee Plaza                                                      KOIN Tower
 Chicago, Illinois                                                   Oklahoma City, Oklahoma                                            Portland, Oregon
          Brickmason * 1966                                            Marble mason/Caulker * 1968                                Restoration Foreman * 2001


OU 1971  Assisted living 1976  The Legends 1998 
                OU 12-story Student Housing                                          Elder Hi-Rise Living                               The Legends Condominiums
                   Norman, Oklahoma * 1971                                     Chickasha, Oklahoma * 1976                           Portland, Oregon * 1998


Apartment Complex      KPTV 12 News
New apartment complex in Missoula, Montana                                              New KPTV 12 FOX News in Portland, Oregon


Adventist Church      Presbyterian Church
        New Seventh Day Adventist Church in Clinton, Montana                       Addition to Presbyterian in Kennewick, Washington


Pasco police      Pasco police
New Pasco Police Annex in Pasco, Washington


Student Housing      Main entry
Brickwork on new North Idaho Student Housing in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Pasco Senior High School      Brick circles
New Pasco Senior High School in Pasco, Washington

Pasco Senior High      Glass block
Pasco Senior High School in Pasco, Washington

Desert View      Circular brickwork
Circular brick buildings at Desert View Elementary School in Hermiston, Oregon

Left view      Right view
Circular brick benches at Desert View Elementary School in Hermiston, Oregon


Brick archway       Brick archway and veneer on new residence
Brick archway and veneer on new residence in Pasco, Washington



Brick samples    Stone samples
Brick and stone display panels built for Layrite Masonry Products in Pasco, Washington


Stone wall       Maid quarters

Stone front       Stone fireplace
Stone veneer & fireplace on new residence in Kennewick, Washington


Left view      Right view
Brick and wrought iron fence in front of existing residence in Kennewick, Washington

Triple planter     Triple planter done
Triple-deck brick planter in Lake Oswego, Oregon

View from porch     View from street     Secure mailbox
New motion-activated light piers, paver walkway & secure mailbox in McMinnville, Oregon

Historical beet factory     Brick planter in foyer
New brick planter in foyer of historical beet factory in Missoula, Montana

Block pavers in back yard     Front porch veneer
Custom brickwork in McMinnville, Washington

Brick piers on residence
Custom brickwork in Eltopia, Washington

Brick sidewalk and steps      11 piers on residence

Cultural stone on residence 
Various custom projects in Pasco, Washington

That's it for pictures.  More will be added in the future.  If you have any questions or comments, please let us know on the next page.