ARROW MASONRY RESTORATION is a small outfit located in Eastern Oregon that specializes in old masonry restoration and repair.  We perform work on both commercial and residential structures located  in eastern Oregon and Washington utilizing years and types of experiences that date back to around 1959.   
In addition to repairing and cleaning old masonry structures, we also do a wide range of services to maintain and protect our customers' existing masonry structures from future damaging water intrusions.

We also work with older materials such as glass block, glazed tile units, concrete masonry units, modular brick and all other out-dated, now-specialized materials.  Refurbishing adjoining windows and doors is a specialty of ours too.


                              When quality and professionalism are important, we will be there for you.

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Welcome to our introduction & chimney repair page

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    This website was built at the requests of our potential customers located in Eastern Oregon and Washington State as a repository-of-sorts containing pictures of masonry projects dating back over 50 years showing our work in the masonry trade that gives them a general idea of our experiences and the qualifications gained from them. 
    Arrow Masonry Restoration is the only masonry restoration contractor currently operating in Eastern Oregon and Eastern Washington State and listed in the Oregon Preservation Contractor's Directory.  We are fully licensed, bonded, insured and qualified to give you answers to your masonry questions as well as excellent results for your masonry needs.  We welcome your questions and comments.

    Our outfit is small, but designed specifically to take care of the needs of local and surrounding clients who need work done on their masonry structures such as repair, restoration and small-to-medium-sized custom masonry projects around the business, farm, ranch or residence.  

   We also specialize in chimney repair and rebuilding as well as cultured stone.  All of our work is unconditionally guaranteed.

     In general, chimney repair is the majority of work requests we receive  from homeowners and businesses because chimneys that are over 20 years old and still being used are in some need of repair.   
   The dismantle/rebuild procedure requires the old deteriorating chimney to be dismantled and replaced with a new structure consisting of high-strength mortar, galvenized metal reinforcement and new masonry materials to replace the old soft, imperfectly fired, unreinforced, "Salmon brick" chimney.  Professional restucturing of old chimneys also help prevent deadly chimney fires. 

   Pictured below are just a few examples of local chimneys we have dismantled and rebuilt to not only restore their structural integrety and prevent water intrusion/damage, but to improve the overall appearance as well.





BELOW: Chimney dismantle and rebuild in Echo, Oregon

        Old deteriorated chimney without proper counter-flashing    Rebuilt chimney with Lock-Top Damper and counter-flashing to stop water intrusion
Above: Old deteriorated chimney replaced using new counterflashing and Lock-Top Damper to stop water intrusion into residence.

Old concrete top allowing water intrusion    New crown with flue liners and life-time polyurethane sealant

Above:  Old deteriorated chimney top replaced with new crown sealed with life-time polyurethane sealant and new clay tile flues.


BELOW: Chimney dismantle and rebuild in Kennewick, WA.

Old deteriorated chimney without top or counter-flashing    New chimney with metal cap and counter-flashing
Old chimney on left was absorbing and allowing water to penetrate the missing counter-flashing. Every time it rained the basement of the 2-story building would flood. Chimney was dismantled, rebuilt and permanently capped off with new counter-flashing to stop water intrusion.


BELOW: Chimney dismantle and rebuild in Elgin, OR.

 Old deteriorated chimney    New chimney awaiting custom cap
The old chimney on left was deteriorating so bad the brick were falling out and bouncing to the ground where small children were present. New chimney on the right had the chase restructured to accomodate interior furnace ducting. Chimney awaiting a new, custom metal cap.


BELOW: Chimney dismantle and rebuild in McMinnville, OR.

Old deteriorated chimney allowing water intrusion into residence below    New chimney with slate top to eliminate water intrusion
Old chimney on the left was funneling gallons of water into the apartment below.  It was dismantled and rebuilt with new counterflashing and a new slate cap that eliminated the water intrusion.


Above are just a few samples of chimney rebuilding that helps to eliminate damaging water intrusion into homes through improperly capped and flashed chimneys.  Go to next page for more pictures.